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Hello, I installed a new video card into the PCI Express x16 slot of my computer, and everything seems to be working as it should, but I have two questions:

1) The fan attached to this new video card is VERY loud - much more so than the other 4 fans in my computer combined. I only need this new video card when I use the PC to TV HDMI connection, which is less than 1% of the time. Is there a way I can switch off this new video card in its entirety (without physically opening up the computer and pulling the card out) when it is not in use? I hesitate to keep the little 2 pin fan connector unplugged on the card, as I don't want overheating to occur.

2) Is there a quick and easy and free way to have my TV mirror / clone my monitor?

Here are the model #'s:

New Video Card: Diamond 3650PE512

Computer: PowerSpec 8501

Motherboard with integrated graphics: Intel D101GGC

TV: Magnavox 42MF438B/27 (connected to new video card via HDMI)

Monitor: LG L226WTQS (connected to integrated video via VGA)

Thanks much for your help! -Michael
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  1. Yea you could buy a passive heatsink for that card. The Accelero S2 is an excellant cooler. Mix that with some ram sinks and you should be good to go. Here is a link for the cooler.

    Enjoy :-D
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