New Sony VAIO Z Series Features Quad SSD RAID 0

Here's a laptop with a quad-SSD RAID 0 configuration:
The Z Series notebooks offer high speeds, thanks to the quad SSDs, Intel Core i7-620M processor, 1GB Nvidia Geforce GT 300m GPU and Sony's own dynamic hybrid graphics system. According to Sony, they are built to be tough with carbon fibre and aluminium casings and weigh just under 1.45kg. Mobile connectivity is covered by Sony's Vaio Everywair 3G mobile broadband system, while WLAN and Bluetooth options are also provided.

On a slightly unrelated note, would a 13.1 display with 1600 x 900 or even 1920 x 1080 resolution be even usable?
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  1. I heard about this, sounds awesome. Is it this that supports that res? I should imagine it would be usable, but the text size for everything may need to be increased, it would be tiny otherwise >.<
  2. Indeed. But if you play games at max resolution, you might not be able to see anything, so the 1920 x 1080 is a bit useless, right?
  3. It is a tad overkill, but it may be okay for desktop. Games yeah, I see what you mean.
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