processor problems?

Hello I built my own computer awhile ago and it has worked fine for a long time but all of a sudden it wont boot up. All fans are turned on but my dvd drive will not open and my hardrive light is solid orange as if its in use(which idk if it even is on) and my monitor and mouse seem to get no signal. Im thinking it may be my cpu or powersupply?
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  1. !st thing I would check it the power supply. Its probable you have a lower grade psu and if you do thats one of the 1st things that will go.

    If you have a local computer supply store I would step in and pick up something like a Corsair or PC Power & Cooling power supply to replace it. I dont know what your specs are so I cant recommend what wattage to get.

    List the specs and I, or another veteran poster will reply and let you know better what to get.

    It could be something else but that would be my 1st bet. Its a possibility that it couldve taken out your motherboard as well so if the new psu doesnt fix it then the motherboard could be toast.

    But think positive and start with the psu and worry about it after the fact if the power supply doesnt fix it...
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    Clear the bios for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove the battery after you clear the cmos as well. Reinstall the battery then set the cmos jumper back to pins 1-2 and then retry. If that doesnt work then revert to my suggestion above...
  4. mobo is a Asus p5we
    cpu pentium D 3.2
    radeon 850xt
    sound card sound blaster live 24 bit
    harddrive 160 gb seagate
    dvd drive
    g skill dual channel 2gb ram
    than the obvious keyboard, mouse, and other common peripherals

    Im assuming it was the power supply as well because it began making sounds lately as if one of the fans in it was loose but I figured it was just a fan problem, perhaps the problem has become bigger than that. Not to mention thats the only low grade hardware that I could picture failing is my psu.
  5. could be a RAM problem try different sticks
  6. I tried clearing cmos and no luck. Im going today to buy a psu hopefully that works!
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