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My ASUS p4p800 deluxe recently failed on me, I'm still messing with it in the hopes that I can get it working again, but I have my doubts. I would like to replace the system and build a new one but before I can do that I'm sure my buyer would like to have a working motherboard... Can anyone recommend a cheap socket 478 / agp / ddr 800 mobo?

The one I have now completely fails to post anything, even when I systematically disconnect everything. I'm going to try to reseat the whole thing and tinker this weekend but I don't have time now (finals week)

Tests performed:

Tried each stick of ram in each slot
Tried a different video card
Tested the battery on the mobo
disconnected everything but CPU
Moniter is fine (im using it now)
Power supply seems fine, everything spools up and the light on the mobo lights up

Windows XP (Vista Ultimate also installed).
620W Corsair power supply.
512MB 512bit ATI Sapphire 1950xt video card.
Pentium 4 3.2GHz with HyperThreading.
3GB Ram (corsair and kingston).
74GB Raptor hard drive
200GB hard drive
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  1. The availability of new socket 478 MBs are few. A search of Ebay might turn up what you are looking for. How do you know the problem is the MB and not the CPU? Have you tried another CPU? Here's a few.
  2. even it if was the CPU wouldn't I still receive some kind of post?
  3. stkyle said:
    even it if was the CPU wouldn't I still receive some kind of post?

    No, the only way to know if the problem you are having is the MB or the CPU is to try a different working CPU.
  4. hmmm okay, I'll see if I can nab a friend's to test. Thanks
  5. Be sure you have a working speaker connected to the MB speaker header that will allow BIOS beeps to be heard. Set up the system using only the CPU/HSF, and video card. Disconnect everything else (except the PSU) . Remove 'ALL' the RAM. Boot the system with the CPU and video card only. If you hear beeps, the MB is good the BIOS recognizes there is no RAM in the system. If you hear no BIOS beeps to signify there is no RAM in the system, either you CPU or MB are bad or both. If you replace the CPU with a known working unit and you get BIOS beeps, you know the MB is bad and vice a versa.

    EDIT: spellint...err...g.
  6. GAH! ....After some investigation I found the fan on the heat sink of the CPU ....was on BACKWARDS! So most likely the CPU is fried.
  7. I dont have another cpu....but when we took the heat sink off, the cpu doesnt get warm when i turn it on, could I make any conclusions from that? Can I tell if the mobo still works?
  8. If you have a good CPU, install it and the MB may work. You kind of know now the CPU may be damaged. Also, have you tried installing the old CPU correctly with thermal paste, a proper fit and a working fan?
  9. No we don't have any thermal paste we just plugged it in w/o heatsink/fan and waited about half a minute for a post and turned it off. Still no post. I hope its the CPU and not the mobo, it'd be much cheaper that way, but I don't want to go out and buy anything before I know for sure. Thanks a ton for your help btw.
  10. I repaired a broken socket 478 HSF mounting bracket the other day. I tried to make the old broken bracket work. One corner would not fasten down, the plastic fastening clip was sheared off.. The HS would not fastened down tightly in one corner. The machine would start up and within a couple of minutes the CPU temp would exceed the built in safety shutdown threshold and the screen would freeze. Anyway, I had and old aftermarket socket 478 HSF MB mounting bracket, but the mounting holes didn't match up. I used a dremel to trim it and a drill to make proper mounting holes and made the new bracket work perfectly. Totally fixed my 478 overheating woes. Anyway, your processor would overheat in a matter of a minute or so with no fan. I would just get a different processor and try it before i assumed the MB was bad.
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