Man I'm just having cooler troubles?

So my cooler wasn't enough for my phenom quad, so I got a CCF, which just didn't work (I think and thought). So I got a Xigmatek HDT S1283, which unfortunetly mounts facing up insted of facing out the back. Which really is no big deal in my comsos 1000 case. But I still have higher than I want temps, It's only been 12 hours so the thermal paste (AS5) still has to set up. but the idle temps are at 42 and load at 55 after only a couple of minutes of prime, and it is pretty cold in my room right now (snowed here last couple of nights).

Anyway since I've gone through three coolers that seem to be doing this, CM TX2, CCF, and now this one. (My stock cooler has an idle of 47). I'm starting to think it is me, the airflow in the case is great. I just added some new fans. So maybe it's my application of the cooler which goes like such

Clean cooler and cpu with tissue and isopropyl ( to get old grease off)

Clean with lens cleaner or soft synthetic close (sunglass bag) and isoprpyl.

Apply some AS5 (little more for the direct contact coolers) and then put the cooler on, wiggle a bit, and snap in place.

I'm just having problems. :(
Note* CPU is a pII 945 (95w) at stock with CnQ enabled, and I am using the supplied PWM fan.
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  1. How much paste are you using?
  2. A little more than for just a normal base, around half of a pea, probably a tad less (for the direct contact coolers) And I apply it directly to the CPU, not the heatsink, if that makes a big difference.

    I hope you can help because it's a simple thing that I just seam to have problems with. The simplest parts of my whole computer fans and HSF, are the things I"m having the most trouble with now. rrrg

    Ohh and I'll mention, it's now 24 hrs later and the idle temps are down to 40, while internal case temp 20 and room temp is 18
  3. ^ This is the method you should be using:

    for DHT coolers.

    Imo, considering you had problems with three different coolers, what I'm thinking is you have a VERY un even CPU or you are installing it wrong. Is the CPU lapped?
  4. No, the CPU isn't lapped, and I probably should do it.

    I've read that method before and it just seemed to be that it uses to much paste, because the more metal to metal contact you can have is better.
    but I'll give it a try

    Do you think I should lap the heat sink as well, because If I'm going to do it i might as well do it.

    Anyway it still seems like 40's idle in this kinda chilly Weather even without exactly proper techniques or lapping, is kinda high. I don't know.

    The worst part is Now I have a ccf and this xgimatech. I will use the xigmatek just because it fit's better. Maybe i'll lap the CCf then sell it on ebay with some old fans of mine. :)

    get back to you when this ordeal is finished, got to review the lapping sticky
  5. Quote:

    Do you think I should lap the heat sink as well, because If I'm going to do it i might as well do it.

    Yes. Lapp both.

    Get your lapping kit here:
    More details:

    I ordered from there and I'm a happy customer. Got 2x coarse and premium kits for sanding down my DIY waterblocks during September. It's insanely hard to find the micron sandpaper locally.
  6. Might want to review your settings as well. If your using to much voltage it will make to much heat.
  7. ^True that.
  8. I don't think the voltage would be too high, since all settings are set to default, and CNQ is on. but maybe there is a weird bios problem.

    I just ordered the lap kit. and i'm going to find out what the default voltage for my CPU should be.
  9. Hey, so I just checked the stock voltage to be 1.3v and that's what it's at, even if i manually set it to 1.3 in the bios the temps are the same.

    So here's a theory/idea, Maybe I just got a hot processor, and so hot in fact that possibly with the stock heatsink/fan, and running small fft's for hours I can get above the proccesors max temp of 71 C, from the amd site. and if that happens I can send it back?

    what do you guys think, is this processor hot or am i just dumb?
  10. It was a thought. Have you tried applying the TIM the other way? Put a small amount on the chip, and use a card to spread it around. (3x5, old CC, etc.) Make sure its thin, and evenly spread. Attached HS and check the temps. I find this works better then apply and attach.
  11. I'll give it a shot, but I think shadow is right I need to lap it, but I don't want to lap it (and void the warranty) if it is just hot chip and hot enough to send back. I haven't herd of it, but it doesn't mean it can't happen.

    Though on the realistic side i just got unlucky, ugg hsffaio;dfjkl;ad fhadfjal' k; hajkl
  12. Try it the stock heatsink and see if it thermals under somethink like that Commander game or Prime 95. They will take it back then I'm sure. Not sure where you bought it, depends on them.
  13. Got it at newegg, but more than 30 days ago, I've played COD4 for a couple hours with the stock heatsink and the temps were in the 60's.

    I just ran some tests with the xgimatek
    With NO TIM the temps were idle 36, load 55 (just for couple minutes)

    with the spread TIM, idle 39 (no curing) load 58-59 (half hour)
  14. By the way, I'm measuring temps using speedfan 4.37 and using the CPU temps (not the core) which I've found to be the same or very close to my bios temps.
  15. I just noticed it's a AMD chip. I don't know squat about them anymore.
  16. I thought we worry about coretemps? That's what matters. The CPU temp on Intel we never worry about, it's the cores. The CPU measurement can be pretty whacked.

    Let it run longer. With case closed up and opened up with the 9" fan.

    What about your GPU? You got a hot GPU that can really heat your case up?

    I looked up your case, it should be just fine for sure. You got a bottom fan on the case blowing in?
  17. Yeah, but you do know a lot about cooling
  18. I don't trust my reported core temps, because they (right now) are below or near the room temp at 16 open case (no house fan) and 18 closed case. and they never go above 35 even with hours of testing.

    The gpu is a 9800gtx+ and I don't think it's doing much heating up, during these tests, because with the case closed up the internal case air temp is like 20 give or take.

    I've got all the fan ports filled up, and the rear one like I said with the 80cfm cooler master. all the other fans exept the HDD fan are stock. ( I bought new ones and didn't like them, going to get some others.)

    by the way my idle temps have dropped a little, probably do to cold room temps. at 36 with closed case.

    How long you think I should run it? I also feel like right know the results might be a little low, because it is so damm cold in my house. My room (because of my computer, and my "burn your hands off" halogen) is probably the warmest room.
  19. Yea, but I can't say what you should be using for loading the CPU, or what to use for good temp monitoring. I can ask about your case, have we talked about your case, running the PC with the side off and a house fan blowing inside? Ambient room temps?

    I don't know what a good temp on your chip is supposed to be. I know for intel we never use bios temps. Speedfan is too complicated. I use RealTemp and prime 95 small ffts to load.
  20. Prime 95 is also what I use to load, let me find a house fan, and try. Give me a minute.
    The temps for my chip, of newegg review and other sources are supposed to be low since it is only a 95w chip. my case is the cosmos 1000, with stock fans and one cooler master 80 cfm fan (back) which doesn't seem to really make a difference whether on high or low.

    I'll be right back.

    and while i'm looking for the fan, maybe i'll download realtemp.

    Note: I have core temp but that gives me only core temps and not CPU temps, and they always seem way to low.
  21. Okay so I found a fan, it's kinda small (9 inch diameter), but is facing my cpu at a 45 degree angle towards the rear of the case, and is like 1 inch away from the HSF. I also have to 55 cfm 80mm fans facing the HSF.

    I'm running small fft's and using speadfan the cpu temp is 47 (the PWM fan for the cooler is on full) and the rear fan was also on full.

    if I shut the fans down (house fan and 80mm's, rear is on low) but leave the case open the temp is 49

    when I close the case, but turn the rear fan up (it's on a knob controller) the temp is 51

    When I turn it off the CPU temp goes to 52.

    This is only running the test for a couple minutes though.

    If I run the blend (thats what the other tests were taken using)

    the results are very similar.

    room temp of 18
  22. Okay so these tests are an hour long

    open case with 9" house fan, and rear exhast on high

    closed case with rear exhaust fan on low

    So, do you think a more powerful PWM fan and case fans would help?

    It's also worth noting that, without the side panel or the 9" fan, and the rear fan on low, the temp was still only 49-50
  23. @OP: Try CoreTemp and give us the temps for the Core. Don't worry about the CPU Case temps. Also, what's your ambient room temps?

    In any case, tell Newegg that Prime95 fails at stock and they *may* offer a replacement.
  24. Using core temps, my temps couldn't be better. But as I said before they seem to low, so I was using the CPU temps, which are in conjunction with BIOS temps.

    Core temps are as goes (17 room temp) case closed, fans on low (not cpu fan), running small fft's

    and an idle of 18-19

    I sure wish that these are my temps.

    And I have seen them go below ambient (with strong fans)

    I thought newegg was pretty strict on their CPU replacement policy? Strict during the 30days, probably means no chance after.
  25. ^You never know until you hit Newegg about returning it. They are pretty lenient on returning stuff.

    OR: you can buy another (same) CPU and return the old one as the one you bought new.
  26. Haha, but i'm pretty sure they check that stuff.

    I'll give them a shout,

    and just checking but do you agree with me that my core temps are whack.

    *so i just contacted newegg, and it's a no go on the return, but they told me to contact AMD.
  27. ^ Aww... that $ucks. Anyways, hope the lapping helps....
  28. Yeah, the only thing that worries me is if I lap the CPU their goes the warranty and any hope of replacement. I have another cpu to use if I can send mine back.

    any way my lapping kit is on the way, and hopefully i can get my temps closer to my weird core temps.

    Tried oc'ing it today, just to see, and it went to 3.4 with no voltage increase, but wouldn't go anymore, even after bumping the voltage from 1.30-1.35, I even got a blue screen of death.
  29. just and update, I'm sending the HDT heatsink back, and I'm just going to use my older CCF (though it doesn't fit as well).
    and the temperatures seem to be getting worse.

    But the important news is that I easily got the computer to freeze with the stock heatsink and only like 10min of fft's (fans on low, didn't hurt either)

    So I have a legit reason to send this back to AMD, yeah, if i can get a hold of them.

    Update: contacted AMD and they gave me an RMA number, lets hope they come to the same conclusion.
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