New Samsung HD502HI not detected in BIOS

Hi all
I've recently bought a samsung 500GB sata hdd (HD502HI EcoGreen)
I'm trying to connect to my motherboard Intel 946GZIS which supports sata hdds at 3GB/s according to intel spec sheet. But the machine is getting freezed at the BIOS startup screen for about 20-30secs and then even in Bios the HDD is not getting detected. I tried proceeding to install xp. Even it said No Hard disk found!
Can any one help me regarding this?

Here is what i've tried.
1. I 've checked the sata cable, power cord. They are okay. The same hdd with same cables is working fine when connected to my friend's Asus G31 motherboard which was some one year old.
2. I checked the BIOS settings for SATA. They are ENABLEd
3. I tried connecting the jumper in all possible modes. ( Even I tried 1.5GB/s jumper setting suggested by samsung here.
4. I've updated the bios to the latest from intel.
5. I 've tried disconnecting old hdd and optical drives..keeping the new sata hdd connected.

None of the trails gave me any improvement in the scene
I'm not able figure it out which can go wrong. Can any one help me if check some thing more to figure the problem out. or fix it some how?

Thank you
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  1. Hello Please help me ..

    many thanks for any help!
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