i dont know what to do i just ordered all my parts for my new computer but im stuck at the video card selection...
i was going for an overcloked 9800gx2 which i read outperforms any card on the market excep tfor the 4870x2..
but i read that the 9800gx2 is a mess dealing with full AA and AF at my resolution which is 1680 x 1050...
so pls help...
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  1. in that last chart the 9800gx2 showed up like in 5th place overall...
    i read a lot that review was screwed up... do u think the bad results of this card is because the cpu at 2.9mhz is bottlenecking it?
    isnt the 9800gx2 the top performing card atm?
  2. I got my 9800GX2 for 350$ including shipping and taxes about 1 week ago. It performs very well but it suffers from microstuttering, which means that it may lag at 35 fps where another card may not. I think it's great for what I paid for.

    In my opinion, you have two options:

    1) If you have no intention of using SLI later on, get the 9800GX2, it has outstanding performance for the price. BTW, it isn't as stable as other cards in SLI.

    2) If you want to future-proof your rig, go with the 280GTX. It may cost a bit more, but you'll pay it off with TRI-SLI(instead of changing the card every year). Additionally, you won't suffer from micro stuttering.

    I'm sure the 4870x2 delivers outstanding performance, but it was over budget for me. It was either the 9800gx2 (with a rebate), or the 4870.

    Here's what I mean by stuttering. This video shows the worst possible case. We're comparing a better card, in efficient SLI, to a cheaper card, in unefficient SLI.

    Check out the stability issues on the 9800gx2.

  3. Vantage speaks for nothing lol.

    Any sli setup has microstuttering, I never notice it and the only game I get it in is HL2...so I don't really care.
  4. so liquid what do u think about me going for the 9800gx2?
    how does it handle games with AA and AF? i dont care about crysis as the engine sucks...
  5. any game out now I run out I can run with max AA on. 1920x1200 :) So I'd say if the price is right go for it:D
  6. yes but thats with gtx 280... which card do u have?
  7. u have tri sli 280s?
  8. I have both quad and tri-sli 280 GTXs. My friend took em from work, if they work out well for me, I'll keep them and give him my quads, but if they don't perform to my liking then I'll just give em back. I'll use his discount on something when I really need. I'm going to run some benchmarks and I'll see.

    Don't worry though 1 GX2 beats 1 280 GTX
  9. so do u think on a 1680 x 1050 i can run any game maxed with all AA and AF?
    except crysis again? how well does it run crysis?
    all this is with a single gx2..
  10. i managed to run Crysis Very High @ 1920x1200 @ around 50 fps and 38 with 2x AA (intensive battles put be down ofc, but not alot, it would drop to 21 here and there but its still playable)
  11. i havent bough my card yet and money is not much of an issue right now so if i can save ill save but if the card will give trouble later i can buy a better one... thing is they told me there was no better just the 4870x2...
  12. oh thats pretty good thats was with a single gx2?
  13. yes, the 2nd GX2 didn't really add so much for the max fps, but it did increase the minimum fps.

    Some parts I'll start seeing 70-80 fps (forest parts) and sometimes I'll see around 40 fps (Very High). So even adding a 2nd GX2 would do good down the road:)
  14. i cant add a second one my mobo is an x48 and i would go with ati but theres nothing that gets my atention too much only the 4870x2 but its a ripoff... i was thinking maybe wait for the 4850x2... but i dont know when it comes out... but acording to u i think even one gx2 might be enough for a year at least... then when prices come down with nvidia's new cards ill get the 4870x2... i just hope it doesnt take that long...
  15. i mean i cant add another nvidia card...
  16. well the 4850 X2 will slightly outperform the gx2, you might want to wait for it to come out and hope for another price drop for the gx2:)

    I think 1 GX2 would be good enough for another year, but don't expect to run everything maxed, maybe the settings bu not AA and stuff:)
  17. I'm off to bed though

  18. all right thanks :)
  19. I have two 8800gts g92s' in sli and they get beat by the 9800gx2. I would go for the 9800gx2. BTW i am able to play all games maxed at 1920x1200. Well except crysis of course...still looking forward to warhead though.
  20. Actually it isn't, its the fastest card, but doesn't not have as good of a Price/Performance ratio as the GX2. 600$ vs 300$
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