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If I would set my phenom 955 to run at 760MHz over nights instead of 3200MHz will it damage it?
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  1. That's called under clocking, it should be fine. I would lower the voltage down for the power and heat. I do this on an intel q6600, and instead of 2.4ghz I run 800Mhz. Works great for light usage, like file transfers and internet browsing.
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  3. netto just enable cool a quiet, while you are browsing and light work the CPU automatically underclocks and goes to normal clockspeed when needed.
  4. it's perfectly safe. if you do that, also lower the voltage as low as possible so you can reduce heat and power like festerovic said.
  5. as lashton said, with cool'n quiet it will do it by itself when idling anyway.
    Use CPU-Z to watch the cpu frequency in real time.
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