xfx 750i beeps

hi guys,

I bought a new pc awhile ago which has a pci express sli motherboard, Intel socket 775 ,q6600 , 550w psu, 9800gtx+ gpu, 6gb ram PC6400 800MHz, scythe mugen heatsink/fan

The mobo overclocking features are virtually non existant so just recently bought xfx 750i.
Pc working perfectly before change over.

Installed it without problems or so I thought. When I power on I get a repeating short beep that won't stop until I power down. Nothing is appearing on the monitor. I consulted the web and was shown a chart telling me what these beeps mean. It told me that its either the psu or a faulty motherboard, since the psu and everything else was working perfectly only an hour before do I have to assume its the motherboard? To double check I took everything out and disconnected the hd's, dvd burner, the gpu, and left in 1 stick of ram.
I took the heastsink and fan off the motherboard, took the cpu out and started the process of building it again. When I had just the cpu with the heatsink and fan back in place I powered up, I got the beeps returning.

Ive since reinstalled the old mobo, and everything is working fine again!

Has anyone else got a suggestion on what else i could try or advice. Does it sounds to you guys that the new motherboard is faulty?
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  1. Your power supply probably isn't sufficient for the demands of the new motherboard.

    Did you plug in the 4/8 pin motherboard power adapter ? And is everything seated properly ?

    Your power supply probably isn't sufficient for the demands of the new motherboard.
  2. I've a new 700w psu I didnt plan on using until I got an addition graphics card. I gave that a go. Plugged in the 4pin and 24pin power connectors. Tried first with the pc fully built then tried it on the mobo with the cpu/heatsink/fan only. shuffled one stick of ram between the slots. Unfortunetly the dreaded beeps still start.
  3. If you are satisfied with your build then perhaps the mobo is bad. Did you clear the cmos at all ?
  4. no, forgive my ignorance, but how do i do that?
  5. Remove the battery for 30 seconds or short the jumpers for 30 seconds.
  6. alright guys,
    Cleared the bios last night but it still beeps away. Im in the process of returning the mobo.
  7. sorry the cmos, by removing the battery for 30 seconds
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