Network card not working...need help!!!

Hi everyone

Ok, so here's my problem - I have an HP laptop - I think the model is tz1000 - that has been working well on the same network for over a year now, and the wireless crapped out on me a couple of days ago. I went to check the network connection, and it said that there are no networks to connect to. I refreshed the modem and the router, but that didnt help. I restarted my computer, but that didnt help either. So, I turned on the other computers on the network, and they all work just fine.

I ran a diagnostic and it said that my Nvidia network controller card is not installed, or it's drivers are I went into device manager, where it said that the card (or cards? - there were 4 items listed under networking. I know that one is a network card - Im honestly not sure what the others are, but I checked them all) are all working fine, and all the drivers are up to date.

So, now Im really confused. I cant connect to a network because, according to my diagnostics, my network card isnt working, but according to device manager, it's working just fine. How do you fix a problem that doesnt really need to be fixed? Can a network card be replaced in a notebook, or is it integrated with the mobo? . . .Is it just time for a new laptop?

Also, I dont know if this is relavent, but this laptop is notorious for running really, really hot!! (I've heard about people who have literally burned themselves by putting their hand too close to the exhaust vent.) System shuts down from the heat after running for about 10 minutes. Even with a cooler mat, it gets way hot - the mat keeps it from shutting down, but it still feels burning hot to the touch....could the heat have fried the network card? Or could it have damaged part of the motherboard, but left the rest of it fully functional?

I'd appreciate any help at all!
thanks a bunch!
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  1. correction : the model # is HP pavillion Tx 1000

    sorry about that
  2. Dear Sara;

    I am far from an expert but I have seen your problem before and was wondering when you reset and reboot did you do it in order...Modem wait 60 seconds...router wait 60 seconds...laptop...etc. If you do not perform this is in order often you will have a problem that does not appear to be a problem! Second you can borrow a friends laptop and see if it can be recognized on your network and try your laptop on another public network to eliminate what is failing computer modem router...etc! lastly uninstall your ISP and Router software and reinstall to try to get it to reconfigure if you think it is a software issue by eliminating hardware failure. Hope this helps BW
  3. Dear Sara,
    I am an expert!

    I would suggest you first check out which antivirus software you are using. If it's symantec, get rid of it using the following tool (Norton Removal Tool) available from the Symantec website:

    I find it strange that a company who promote safety and security have to have a special tool to remove their software!

    Anyway this tool often solves the problem of a network card getting stuck with the IP Address 169.265....

    If your machine is getting too hot I would suggest you have it serviced by a reputable company; dust is a laptop killer! Dustballs build up in the vents of the cooler and heatsink near the fan congesting the airways and so causing heat build up and eventually killing either your CPU, Graphic Card or some other device that is soldered to the motherboard. The soldered joints breakdown and cannot be repaired without considerable cost, often the cost of the machine itself.

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