Power Supply and ATX mods

Hey guys.

I was wondering if I should cut my power supply 24 pin and 8 pin CPU header shorter.

Would that make a difference in speed of power and resistance to motherboard?

But I figure that if my thinking was correct. I wouldnt be the engineer behind the scenes. And due to my thoughts that is why I am not an engineer haha.

I figure if I trim the wires shorter, there will be power send faster to the motherboard?

Or in addition, I was thinking of soldering all 24 pins to the board as well. Instead of simply plugging it in.

What do you think?

Do you guys have any tips or tricks for power supply MODS that you would care to share?
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  1. I have seen case mods with custom made power cables made to exact lengths. It looks good but it will not do anything for speed of power and resistance because the cables are extremely short. It's normally done for cable management and bling.
  2. soldering them to the board might not offer any performance gain, but it will give you the benefit of it being a son of a b!tch to replace.
  3. jeremyrailton said:
    ...... give you the benefit of it being a son of a b!tch to replace.

    Damn the way you said that made me laugh haha.

    I was thinking about that. lol.

    I guess right there is almost reason enough not to do it.
  4. Google "ATX Pin Remover" for the right tool for the job (glorified punch)


    forget the soldering idea unless you are trying to fit the entire system into a very tiny space, and need to remove as much as possible. re-tip the leads when you cut them short making new ATX headers at any length you want to no ill-effect.

    On the other hand, if you make them as short as possible, you could turn your power supply into a psuedo modular unit by making / buying ATX extensions to do the same thing.
  5. Do not cut them and do not solder them.

    Snap out of it.

    By that I mean your temporary insanity.
  6. Just remember modifying the PSU will void it's warranty.
  7. It doesn't matter how fast the power gets from the PSU to the mobo, so long as enough of it gets there!
  8. Assorted +1s, notably to Zorg. Of all the mods to consider on a PC, this is not the one.
  9. Silverstone makes short cables for some of their PSUs:

    PP03 was created for users who wish to utilize the powerful Strider ST60F, ST75F, ST85F in their smaller cases or systems without the added clutter of long cables. This cable set can also be used by any current ST60F, ST75F, ST85F owner who wishes to have a greater choice in the length of connections for their various components

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