Is my GPU assisting the video decode?

Ive just bought a new laptop for uni and it has a x4500mhd IGP and a P8400 CPU, whilst my main rig is uses a Radeon HD3850 512MB and a Q6600. Ive noticed that when I playback a HDDVD on my laptop the cpu usage goes up to something like 50-60% even at relatively low res (1280x800) but when I play the same disk on my main pc i get like 5-15% CPU usage at 1366×768. (Power DVD 7.3 Ultra with clearvideo/avivo enabled)

Clearly the HD3850 is helping with the decode but why is the CPU usage sooooo different? Even in the catalyst control center the GPU never goes over 3% during playback so its barely flexing its muscles.
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  1. LOL your desktop is better than your notebook.
  2. Your Q6600 is superior to the P8400. That's why you get 5-15% CPU usage usage on it compared to the 50-60% CPU usage on the laptop.

    Not too sure how big the video card will influence that.
  3. The x4500mhd should have the support for the HD decoding. Can you turn the video acceleration on (in power DVD) on your laptop ?

    It looks like a driver problem. Maybe an update is require to get full support.
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