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Scandisk cruzer 16GB flash drive failure

Last response: in Storage
January 20, 2010 8:36:35 PM

I had bought a Scandisk cruzer 16GB from Walmart and downloaded all of 4 GB personel photos & movies from my Canon Digital camera, unfortunatly i deleted all on memory card of my canon digital camry since it was copied to my scandisk cruzer 1GB flash drive.

Everything gone smoothly and well, till i tried to download edditional photos of 1GB capacity to my scandisk cruzer, suddenly i got my laptop froozen..and kind of problem..i removed safely my scandisk flash drive..later on i pluged in my scandisk cruzer flash drive, and i was choked that it didnt open, and only thing i am getting after double clicking it is a message from Microsoft Windows says" You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it? (options i have are : "Format disk" & "Cancel".

i always go to "Cancel" since i dont want to format and lose my datas on my flash drive..actualy i dont know and not sure whether my datas (photos) are still there on flash drive...
Can any body help me, guide what to do"? is there any wany to get back my datas..? What shall i do ?
January 21, 2010 4:01:09 AM

Did you try Scandisk support @