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I have a friend who uninstalled something (Not sure what) but now no matter what file extension it is they cant open it and get re-direct to microsoft. They cant download anything because of this or restore to a previous point because they never did a backup lately! What can I do for them in this situation?
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  1. Hi,
    Best way to discover what program uses that extension, is to do a Google search for 'extension', then the three letter extension. (eg 'Extension jpg')


    You can go to http://filext.com/alphalist.php?extstart=%5EA and manually search the list.

    Hope this helps,
  2. see the problem is, is that all file extensions aren't working its not one in particular. No matter the program/file you still get re-directed to Microsoft saying that this file extension doesn't work even when you click on basic icons, .exe , or anything really! you cant install files either because those file extensions don't work either!
  3. Hi,
    Starting to sound like malware has attacked the PC rather than something being uninstalled.
    You may want to try starting in 'safe mode' (press F8 when Windows starts loading) and see if the issue still occurs.
    If programs work in safe mode, I would suggest installing Malwarebytes and running a scan (http://www.malwarebytes.org/) .
    If safe mode does not work, its starting to sound like a format and reinstall may be the only way to go.
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