would a sound card give me better performance with my cpu

I have a intel x925 motherboard and pentium 4 3.0ghz, 1.5gb ram, nvidia 8600gt 256, and 350w psu would a sound card give me performance boost in new games? also I'm going to be upgrading my pentium 4 to a 3.4ghz or 3.6ghz since that's the only thing my motherboard supports.
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  1. Have you tried overclocking? Check out setFSB if your BIOS hasn't got options, it may work. And I wouldn't bother upgrading my P4, not worth the slight increase and I bet those chips are becoming quite rare and expensive by now...
  2. I forgot to mention it was a dell x925 motherboard so I can't overclock
  3. I think you'd get more useful results if you can manage some more substantial upgrades. Post a budget. Even a low-end AMD system will blow a P4 away.
    +1 to mi1ez. Money spent on a higher-clocked P4 is money sent right down the crapper.
    Do you have PCIE or AGP on that system? If PCIE, going to a 4670 GPU is a six-tier jump on Cleeve's chart, would run on that PSU, and would only set you back about $80.
  4. If I were in your position, wanting more performance from that system, I would look at upgrading the video card first. A sound card will give you maybe 3 to 5% increase in performance.

    That 8600gt is not a very good card for gaming. Do you have a budget for an upgrade ? It is easier to suggest a new video card if we have an idea on how much you are willing to spend.
  5. +1 on the vid card upgrade.
  6. ati 4670 that sounds like a good deal only $80, if it will work with my psu.
    i got $100 worth for upgrades. may be a 4670 and a 2gb of memory instead of 1.5gb
    would a dual channel make a difference since i got 3 slots taken in dual interlaced mode and its one 512mb and 2x 256mb what if i get 1gb stick would intel flex memory mode work ok?
  7. sorry i got 1gb in my computer instead of 1.5
  8. A 4670 will work with your PSU. It doesn't require an auxilliary PCIE power connector.
    A pair of 1GB RAM sticks would probably give you a noticeable boost in a variety of applications and games.
    These two upgrades will probably slightly exceed your $100 budget, but would both be worthwhile.
  9. Like jtt said, do you have PCIe on your mobo ? If so the 4670 is a huge upgrade from what you have right now.

    And also go for 2gb of ram .... this will also give you a better boost in performance than a sound card. www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820211165
  10. thanks all you've been very helpful. I'll be buying 4670 and 2gb of ram instead.
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