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Hi I am looking to build my first computer, here is the list of components that I am thinking about using.

I will also be installing windows vista 64bit on this system. Any suggestions would be great!
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  1. I would change the mobo, gpu, and psu

    from pricey mobo to p45 for $140

    you have not given info what resolution you will be playing on. if lower than 24" then get a 4850

    the 1000w is overkill unless you really want to waste all your money on it

    i would go with antec 650w. it has two 6pins so you can get an 4850 and add another one later or go with single 4870 if you want to

    as for cpu i would go with q9550 since prices dropped now
  2. couple of questions?

    1. what resolution are you using
    2. what is the computer going to be used for
    3. are you planning to crossfire in the near future?
    4. Assume the budget is around $1500?
    5. the 1tb hard drive. do you have specific requirements for that kind of space or is it just to make sure you have enough room for future?
  3. 1. I am using 1280x1024
    2. the computer will be used for gaming and other programs that I will be using in school for engineering.
    3. yes I would like to have the option to xfire in the future
    4. yes the budget is around $1500
    5. yes, i previously was going for the 300GB velociraptor HDD at 10000RPM but i saw the 1TB at 7200 and changed my mind. Any ideas on what HD is better for me?
  4. that is very overkill if you game at 1280x1024. a skinny 9600GT will do the job PERFECTLY in any game with max setting!

    if you dont download HD video then a Seagate 7200.11 320GB will be enough.since your monitor cant display full HD resolution anyway.
  5. 1. 4870 is going to be more than enough at that resolution. wouldn't probably need to crossfire unless upgrade monitor
    2. p45 allows crossfire but only x8/x8 the x38/x48 mobos will crossfire at x16/x16 but they cost more.
    3. hdd. personally i think that is too much money on a $1500 build unless you really need the space. hdd performance is fine and not going to really effect your gaming and other activities. You could spend $85 on a wd 640gb drive and use that savings to get the x48 mobo if you are serious about x-fire. but again at the resolution that may not be necessary.
    if you do decide to cross fire two 4870s then keep the power supply (besides that looks like it is a combo deal). but that is another place you could save some $. if you went with the antec 900 and corsair 750w power supply that would work very well and be cheaper.
  6. one other question. are you planning on OCing the q6600? if you are doing big ocing then the ddr2 1066 might be necessary. but for more normal ocing the ddr2 800 will work just fine (no loss in performance) and is quite a bit cheaper.
  7. I am not really experienced in ocing, but if I do it wont be an extreme oc probably just a normal oc. Do you have any suggestions on a better ram? or is what i listed fine? Do you have any suggestions on a x48 mobo that would suit me?
  8. you dont need 1066 DDR2 unless you are planning 3.8Ghz+ which the Q6600 will max out before that. so just use DDR2-800 ram.
  9. Oh ok, cool i switched to ddr2 800. Saved me some money to so thats nice. But I am still unsure about my motherboard, I would like a really nice motherboard that is reliable and has decent oc capability as well as crossfire potential.
  10. Get the Biostar Tpower P45 if you have it.thats the best P45 mobo out in the market.its even better then Asus and Gigabyte offering.
  11. Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 Intel X48 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard

    this is a good one.
  12. ^
    cant go wrong either!:)
  13. Thanks a lot for your help! I think I am almost complete with my computer build. If you have anymore suggetion let me know, thanks.
  14. Overclock it until it blows up!!!!lol
  15. bdollar said:
    Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 Intel X48 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard

    this is a good one.

    +1 this is a great mobo in all respects
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