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So I've received a request from a friend to build a a custom machine with minor case modding. I'm extremely excited to do this one since it happens to be modded for a subject that's close to heart; a Robert Jordan tribute.
Now, I already have the idea frmed in my head as to what I'm going to be doing with the mod and build. My biggest concern is that I am going with a red on black build, and have settled on using either 2x Sapphire HD4870 512MB or 2x Sapphire HD4850 512MB (depending on how the cost goes) and have no experience with crossfire. The board needs to be (preferably) black or, failing that, red. Someone I know suggested using a DFI LanParty DK X38 T2R, but I'm having huge issues with the fact that it looks like a clown threw up on it. I was also wondering about X38 vs X48. Should I be gung-ho looking at X48 boards? Or should I stick with cost/performance and go with X38? I'd make an educated guess, but like I said earlier, I have never looked at crossfire before so I really don't know the importance of the features between them. Although I will say, system stability is number one. I'd rather the board runs stable rather than squeeks out a few extra FPS. Oh, and I'll be using Windows XP since I pretty much regard Vista as the spawn of Satan, so keep in mind it'll be running DX9. If someone has some absolutely glaring issue to bring up about crossfire running under XP that I don't know about, please speak up.
To give you an idea of the system I'm building, price ranges, etc.; here's what I'm looking at so far:

Case - SilverStone TJ09 (Absolutely firm on this.)

PSU - OCZ StealthXStream 600W

MB - ?

CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (Best performance for price I saw for the 775. I'm open to suggestions though.)

CPU Cooling - Thermalright TRUE Black 120 CPU Cooler (I won't be overclocking the CPU, this is mostly aesthetic for the mod)

Video – 2x Sapphire HD4850 or HD4870 512MB (Still debating cost vs. performance)

RAM - OCZ PC2-8500 Fatal1ty Edition DDR2 Dual Channel 1066MHz 2G Kit (Love to go with more, but I can't bring myself to put Vista on it.)

HDD – 2x SAMSUNG 500GB 7200RPM SATA II 16MB CACHE (Not running raid, since the second HDD is specifically requested as backup storage, although will likely page off the second drive for the speed jump)

Any further suggestions on the build are welcomed. Keep in mind the relative prices I'm working with, the color scheme, and that my case choice is an absolute must. (Although the case is a great choice anyway since it has great cooling for the GPU's and a lot of room to play around with.)
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  1. look at gigabyte x48-ds4
  2. any Asus or Gigabyte X48 mobo will be your best choice.

    BUT if you game under 1920 then P45 will be better as it overclock much better then X48.
  3. alright then the top of range asus mobo?

    there you go BLACK!!! my african roommate next to me said someone finally like him!LOL

    P.S:i love my college mate!big joker,jokes about everything!:)
  4. The Rampage Extreme is more money than I had initially looked at for a motherboard, but its EXACTLY what I was hoping to find for spec's, features and color... so I may find room in the budget for it. =) Thanks heaps!
  5. Quote:
    are you really going to be looking in the case all that often? can't you just put a coloured filter on the inside of the windowed panel?

    Yes you will be seeing inside the machine quite a bit, and the mod will really look strange if I had a blue motherboard with rainbow color sockets... trust me. I'll start posting when I get the parts ordered and start the build.
  6. with the hardware you posted you need around 1500$ without the mobo, and if you add 250$ for the average x48 mobo price, you get 1750$ build... IMO a 320$ for a case is a total waste of money IMO and even more if you are going to mod it. You can choose a LIAN LI case which are excellent for modding for cheaper! you can get a LIAN LI black case for around 200$ and get the great brand quality and reliability of LIAN LI.

    Furthermore, you save money for more pretty hardware lol which IMO, choosing an almost entirely black or red mobo is just dumb when you can just add red cathode light which most rig modders do and all the mobo will just glow red and black...
  7. Gigabyte X48 boards w/ DDR2 support is the best price right now. Unfortunatley its not red. Also your power supply with be big enough for HD4850 in crossfire but you need something bigger for HD4870. Newegg has the baords for $225
  8. I think the important question to ask right now is...

    What is your budget?
  9. i guess money is no object in this project?since he had a thought on the rampagy mobo!;)
  10. Probably right on that one gill. Between that and the case, it would seem that money doesn't matter.
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