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Hello, I have a computer that started off as store bought but became anything but. Despite the case being open with wires hanging out because of an oversized power supply the computer runs fine. The only problems I've ever had are too much heated generated by the open case. So no recent hardware changed. I did download a bunch of new desktop customization programs and such but that;s as far as software changes go. I've been running off Windows XP for a while despite the original OS being Windows Media Center. Anyway, so i came home to my screensaver today and the computer was frozen, I rebooted it manually and then the disk boot failure message came up. I did some research and did these steps:

-The Priority in BIOS was Floppy, CD, HDD, Network Boot but I changed it to have HDD first and took off network Boot.
-Cleaned the Computer and made sure everything was plugged in.
-Unplugged all USB connections and tried rebooting it that way.

Nothing seems to be working
I did notice that in BIOS when I went to the Boot Priority place, I didn't see the hard drive as installed. What do you guys think.

I don't know If I have a recovery disk, maybe I'll get one from a friend. If that's what I need to do...
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  1. Check all your wiring/cables. They may appear to be plugged in but be slightly ajar. Also, if not running a floppy disable it from boot up. I don't run floppy's anymore so i go..... HD/DVD/ ( 3rd disable ) and enable the fourth.... whatever that may be.
  2. Boot from Windows CD-ROM and see if you can see the old partition. If you can just do a repair installation (2ond repair, not first one) and then reboot and everything should be back to normal.

    If Windows installation can't see the hard drive at all or the old windows partition, then you have a hardware fault-misconfiguration.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, umm quick question. When I go to BIOS and to BOOT then Priorities, Theres 4 lines on top that make me select the boot priority, then 4 lines on the bottom that say Floppy DVD HD and the other group. and next to those 4 things it says installed or not installed. The HD Group says not installed. Does that mean anything?
  4. Sounds like your HD is not being detected properly. This could mean that the connection is not solid (check your sata and power cables and push them all the way in to make sure they are connected properly) or that the drive is indeed dead. If you have another computer connect it there and see if it comes up.
  5. The problem you describe does NOT need a "repair Install from the original Install Disk. That's for when the software on the drive is confused or corrupted. What you describe is that the hard drive does not even appear to exist as far as your BIOS is concerned. Darkguset got it right. You could just have a loose or dirty connection and might fix it by simply (carefully) unplugging each cable (power and data) on the drive and then reconnecting - several times each connection. Do this also at the mobo end of the data cable. Or it's possible that the cable itself is faulty. For the dta cable you can replace it. For the power connector, look for another like it coming from the PSU and substitute. Or, it's possible the hard drive unit itself has a sever fault. That's a much bigger problem usually. Let us know what you do and what results you get.
  6. Yes, I would have to agree with paperdoc.......

    If you have another tower you can try that HD in, try and see if the other tower can recognize the HD in the BIOS. If not, I think the HD has failed.
  7. Well, thanks for all the replies. I went ahead and bought a bunch of new parts for my computer cause I got some good deals and free parts from a friend. It turns ou thwen i plugged in the old hardrive to the new motherboard i purchashed it works perfectly (boots an deverything) -___- I had infact checked the connections before hand with th e old motherboard leading me to think it might have been my old motherboard or I didn't check it well enough.

    A week before all of this happened i downlaoded custom themes for XP and cracked some windows files. I wonder if that effected anything. ANyway my old computer was bound to die since I hadn't shut it off since early 2009. Anyway thanks for everyones help.
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