Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L video ?

This question will certainly reveal my lack of 'puter building chops so I'll not profess that to any length. I am REALLY looking forward to putting together my first build after using 'out-of-the-box' boxes for so long. Gigabyte's GA-EP35-DS3L motherboard seems to have ALL of the features I need but I have a brutally naive question. I don't see a stock video output on the board and assume that a pci-e one needs to be installed. I know that drivers need to be installed for most (all?) of these video cards to work. Is there some base level of functionality in the card which will allow it to work on initial boot-up ?? Tnx for the help..

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  1. Yes, the card will provide basic functionality in windows w/o special drivers.
  2. no integrated graphics on the GA-EP35-DS3L but yes it will work on initial boot-up with a pci-e card installed. Make sure from whatever graphics card you choose ATI or NVIDIA just make sure you download and install the latest drivers from their respective websites.

    good luck
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