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SanDisk SSD drive from an HP Netbook

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January 20, 2010 11:25:59 PM

I have a 16GB SSD that came out of an HP Mini 1000 Netbook, the Netbook was pretty much destroyed, and it was given to me to salvage anything possible.

The SSD does not seem damaged, but I am having trouble locating an adapter to plug it in to my computer.

I found this enclosure which states: "This external hard drive enclosure allows you to turn a CE-ATA (ZIF or LIF style) hard drive into a portable external storage solution, connected through USB 2.0 to a laptop or desktop computer."

Which seems to be what I am looking for, but I want to know for sure before I purchase it.

Under the HP stickers I found a SanDisk sticker with these numbers on it:


This looks almost exactly like the SSD that I have.

If anyone can point me to the enclosure or adapter that I need, I would appreciate it.
March 4, 2011 10:13:59 PM

garrickle said:
I was looking for the same solution with the exact same SSD from the same netbook and found this adapter:

I am also having the exact same problem with the exact same computer and bought this adapter:

but it does not work. Either the SSD is damaged (unlikely) or I got the wrong adapter. I was under the impression that there was only one kind of "ZIF" but maybe I was wrong. Garrickle, have you already bought the adapter you described and used it with success? Just wanna know before shelling out more money for another adapter ; )

PS I believe this is the spec sheet for the SSD we're all talking about :
October 19, 2012 6:24:49 AM

Gosh dang. Thank you so much. I could finally take off the pictures off this drive. Thanks a million. :bounce: