sub $700 build pls help building for my lil cousin

please i need help in putting together a setup for my little cousin, and well i am restricted on hardware due to budget and availability but the following i have put together please comment. If you suggest something please do from the following site ( due to the availability constraints
the following is the conversion rate

Rs. 75 = 1 $

Intel E7200 @ 2.53 Rs. 10000

Asus P5Q PRO Rs. 10500

Power Supply
Cooler Master 600w extreme power (RP-600 PCAR) Rs, 4700

Graphics Card
1 x HIS 3870 512 Mb GDDR4 Rs.10500

Hard Drive
1 x 320 GB Seagate (ST-3320620AS) Rs. 4950

Either a Samsung or Asus one

A standard pc case

well the total right now comes round $650

i would really like your input on this please comment TY
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  1. so whats you rbudget in Rs?
  2. oops forgot the memory, well Corsair XMS CM 2GB-6400/800bus
  3. sorry i have problem opening that page!
  4. well the budget is round abt Rs. 52000
  5. Get the His 4850 for 17000 and add another one in the future for some nice Xfire. I would also spend the 7400 on the 650w corsair psu. I'm trying to figure out what we could trim down here to cover the extra cost.
  6. +1 for changing the psu.
  7. i would have definately gone for the 4850 eyes closed if i could have pulled enough cash for it but it simply is not possible, i guess i will have the PSU changed (but isn't 600 watt enough or is corsair as a brand a better choice??). anything else that you guys would suggest is the rest of the setup okay or not??
  8. Corsair makes great PSU's as of late. Your PSU is one component you should never skimp on.
  9. The Cooler Master isn't a bad PSU, it's just mediocre. The Corsair is a very good one. Everything else looks good. The HD4850 would be well worth the extra money, but if it's not in the budget there's not much of a debate. But the Inno3D 9600GT is only 1200 Rs more and is a bit better.
  10. thank you people for sparing your thoughts on this, will be heading down tomorrow to get this all put together... got the psu changed but i guess will stay with the 3870 just for the fact the board is xfire ready so probably when the kid gets some savings put together he can juice up his rig a bit.
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