Synology DS1010+

If anybody is interested in the new 5 bay Synology DS1010+ NAS, I have written a small review which can be found at the following address

Feel free to ask me any questions

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  1. @ntm - Do you still have the unit? I would be VERY curious to know how your RAID 5 test on this page ( would go if you did the mulitple user test with a folder of of small files. I want to create almost exactly this setup but have an office of 5 users who will write files to it simultaneously.

  2. About your power calculations, I think you overestimate the power draw of a "full" computer. I tested around my house using a Kill-a-Watt to measure power draw at the outlet. The workstation I'm writing this on is a dual-processor "core i7" Xeon 5520 system, with Geforce GTX 260, a 15krpm SAS drive as primary OS and six 7200rpm WD Black SATA drives. Its draw at the outlet is 200w idle.

    (EDIT: Also 24GB of DDR3 RAM... Plenty of room to reduce the system wattage well below 200w.)

    I have an Athlon XP system that has two hard drives and discrete graphics, clocks in at 150w. With a different case, it would be RAID capable.

    I'm sure a low-power PC could be built with standard components. It would not get as low as the DS1010+, but the power bill would not be as dramatically high. A laptop with eSATA may actually come close to the DS1010+ power savings while still providing the server flexibility of a full computer.
  3. The power comsumption figures were only supposed to be an example to try to explain that the DS1010+ has excellent figures, but if you substitute your own kw/h figure in to the calculation it will give you a better idea

    During my own tests with 5 x Seagate ST31000528AS drives, I get even better figures than Synology's quoted ones

    I get 56w in use and 23w in hibernation (Synology figures are 68w in use and 30 in hibernation)
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