Had a trojan and used kapersky Tdss killer and pc wont boot

I used kapersky Tdss killer to get rid of it but after it rebooted i just get a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. I can get into the bios but xp will not boot. Do I need to reinstall windows or some other way to fix this? Was planning of installing a new copy without reformatting so I wont lose any data. Would this work? I did this for my laptop and had a windows.old folder with all the files, but want to make sure no data will be lost if I do it on the other computer. I don't remember if I had all the data or just the program files.
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  1. Yes, boot from the XP disc, and do a windows repair. Here's a nice guide on how.

    The windows.old is a feature of vista and windows 7. XP won't create that folder.
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