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As seen on the nVidia official site, the requirements state that an 8-pin connector is required for the 280 GTX. I have a 600W OCZ StealthXStream and it seems that I don't have an 8-pin connector, just two 6-pin ones. On another site, I read that it won't work with 2x 6-pin ones, that you need the 8-pin connector. Is there a way to convert one of the 6-pin guys into an 8-pin (splitters?) .. or any other way that wouldn't require replacing the PSU (or is it actually needed anyway?)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The box should contain a converter for the 4-pin (molex?) plugs you'd have. I'd browse the pictures on newegg.com for confirmation, they usually show you all the box contents.
  2. Okay, thanks for the reply.
    Just to make sure... the nVidia site states: "Supplementary Power Connectors - One 8-pin + one 6-pin".
    So if I convert the 2x 6-pin ones into an 8-pin and 3 molexes into a 6-pin, everything should work fine?
    I'm also wondering whether this has any overall performance impact or any other issues.. I mean the converting into other types.
    And I actually haven't yet bought the card, I'm making sure I can run it :) .. and due to that, I'm thinking of going for the Asus card, not the eVGA. Should the box content vary or will all 280 GTX's have these connectors? And maybe you can also reccomend me which manufacturer would be better and why. I'm thinking of the Asus, but if you have a better suggestion, I'm all open for them. :)
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