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So.. I finally decided tonight (since I ordered my new cpu heatsink/fan to cool and create stability) that I was going to OC my memory so once I get my cooler I can (hopefully) just increase my cpu multi and have a stable system.

So I'm using Patriot Viper ddr2 800mhz ram. Right now I have it somewhat stable at 5-5-5-15 920mhz (increased fsb to 230) with 2.1v ..

I can't seem to get any higher, I've tried literally every possible combination and am stuck. Is it my HT or NB causing my ram to get stuck here? Sites have reviewed this ram to OC as high as 1100+ mhz.

My NB is 2300 mhz at 1 tick above stock voltage, and my HT is 2300 mhz with 1 tick above stock voltages. My cpu is running at 3220mhz (14 multi)

Anyways the rest of my specs are in my sig.. Let me know if anyone has ideas to help boost my OC.. I feel like I am stuck here with these and cant go any higher.. =(
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  1. You will need to take your memory from 400MHz to 533MHz that will get you to 1066. But in order to do this you will have to set your FSB back to 200 and you will need to start your OC from scratch. With a FSB at 230 and memory set to 533 that would be @1225 (I'm relatively sure you won't be able to achieve this).
    Overclocking by the multiplier is the route you will need to take to make 1100. If set the multiplier to 17, FSB to 206 you will be at @3500 x @1100.

    PS: You will also need to loosen your memory timings and if you happen to be using command rate 1, you'll need to drop to 2.
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