HD4850 GPU usage low?


Ok im just finishing testing my 4850 before i can say im ready to acutally start playign lol.

Got all my games runnign well bar ut3 now, After using riva tuner it has become apparent that the GPU does not seem to be using its fukll potential. But I am gettin FPS dips even so.

The most I have seen the gpu usage at on ut3 has been 89%,where as cod 4 is constatnly aroun the 100% mark but it runs full tilt with a qaulity constant fps.

Any ideas?

Using catalyst 8.7 BTW as they seem to perform better than 8.8 for me.
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  1. BUMP?

  2. What's your rig?
  3. Maybe it's being bottlenecked by the CPU or some other component?
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