Asus M2A-VM Red light, no beeps

I'll just give the whole history in hopes for the best possible answer.

8 months ago, I purchased a barebone kit that included the Asus M2A-VM mother board. The computer never ran fine from the time I first started it up, if it ever shut off/restarted, the BIOS would have to be reset using the on board jumper, because it would just hang at the Grey Screen it first loads at.

Last week, it restarted for windows updates, and did the usual stopping at the grey screen, so I reset the motheboard using the jumper, but this time, instead of restarting, it just hung at a black screen.

So I completely shut it off, let it sit there, attempted to restart, still nothing black screen. Then I figured something failed hardware wise, so i started at the RAM. Unplugged it all, then attempted to plug them in one at a time, but that resulted in nothing but a black screen as well.

The next thing was the video card, I unplugged that, and attempted to use the on board video, still nothing.

The next were the hard drives, Unplugged them tried one at a time, still nothing.

Then i disconnected the CD drive, in hopes for that working, and yet again nothing.

Then my last hope, was the power supply. I unplugged the one that came in the barebone kit, plugged a new one in and it was still black screen.

So i figured, it had to be either mother board or CPU, i ordered new CPU for the MOBO, put the new one in (after thermal grease and heatsink yada yada), and BAM! still black screen, no beeps, nothing.

The only thing i've got going for me now is, that the only thing I haven't been able to test is the motherboard, is there anything else I should be looking for though before dropping another $100 on this. The only thing on the motherboard after its started is a single red light. It makes no beeps or anything.

Everything appears and sounds like it powers up okay, the HDD spin, the CD Drives open, the fans all work.
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  1. Motherboards fail more often than CPUs. If that system never ran fine, why didn't you return it to get it fixed? If it still is under warranty, let them fix it. If not, then you could get a new motherboard. The M2A-VM isn't that expensive (at least it isn't from newegg) and you could always return it if it doesn't fix the issue (there's a good chance that it will).
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