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Ok, here's my situation. My Verizon router wifi has been acting up lately so i decided to use it only for 2 wired connections on the main floor (ps3 and desktop pc) I inherited a buffalo air station hoping that i could use that one for one wired computer and all the wireless stuff in the house and put that guy upstairs connected via cat5. This router serves 2 wired connections (ps3 and a gaming desktop)

I have hopes that disabling the verizon wifi, and using the buffalo's wifi will satisfy both requirements for wired/wireless networking around the house. The issue that i am running into is that the mac laptops will sometimes see the network and connect automatically, and sometimes it won't see it. The network's SSID is not broadcast and not encrypted (i know, and don't care. sue me)

The most puzzling thing is that the buffalo router is at address and i can't login to the router's page when i have internet on the laptop. I can, however log into the verizon one at To recap, here's the topology as best as i can without knowing how to effectively use photoshop:

I am not getting good speeds either. it took me literally 5 minutes to upload that crappy picture to photobucket. I'm ten feet away from the wifi router, too.
Can someone help me out? School is starting and i need wifi in my house!
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  1. One problem I see

    One router IP:
    the other IP:

    Both of your devices don't support LAN over That means devices on one LAN can't talk to the other LAN. If you want to resolve that, change the x.x.11.1 router to x.x.1.2, and make sure that you connect one router to the other with a LAN port, not the WAN port. You should disable DHCP on the secondary router, and leave it on the first one.

    Once you do that, you can access both router's web pages. I advise you to turn off DHCP on the computers and PS3, and run static IP if you want to run with no security. This will stop the average idiot's laptop from trying to default connect to your network if the SSID is found.

    Also, to test the speed thing, check the router page of your DHCP router for clients that you don't recognize. Maybe try setting up a MAC address filter to keep others off if you don't like sharing your internet connection.

    Hope that made some sense, its early.
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