Very basic PSU/mobo hook up

Hey, just got a new pc (just about, am keeping my older psu, a thermaltake purepower 560w), the mobo I have is gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P, on my old mobo, (an abit 939 socket) the PSU to mobo had two connections, one of 4 (2x2) and another of 20 (2x10), and now the new mobo has 2x12 or 24 (Main Power Connector) and a 2x4 (12V power connector)...the PSU does not have a connector either of those sizes, only the 20 'slot' one and the 2x2....any suggestions? (in the mobo guide says only req. use of the 2x4 12V power connector when using an extreme edition cpu, whereas im running an e8400)

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  1. ugggh nevermind
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