OCZ SLI ready Ram wont boot @ 1066MHz

I have this RAM:


It IS rated at 1066MHz but whenever i set to this in BIOS the computer wont boot.

Is it supposed to able to boot @ this setting @ spec Volts (2.1v)? Or does it need to be @ 2.3v ???

Another thing is i have a phenom 9850 with a FSB of 207MHz ....so i am running RAM at 828MHz (2x414MHz) with 4-4-4-12timings @ the mo for 1:2ratio. But ive heard something like the phenom has an onboard mem controller so running @ a good ratio wont make a difference?? This sound right?


Would i be better off leaving at this setting of 828MHz or will i benefit more from upping it to 1066MHz ?? And will i need to budge up the Volts?

Rest of sytem spec is in my Sig.

Cheers, Dean.
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  1. useless forum....
  2. tighter timings = better
    4 4 4 12 is great! 828mhz on the ram is plenty fast for that chip.
    I dont think you would notice any speed increases running 1066 on your current platform.
    all it would do is loosen up your timings and increase your voltage to your ram..
  3. smoggy12345 if you call free decent advice "useless" then why are you here? get lost then :)
  4. Cheers Nitrous!

    @ apache

    well, i had NO advice, never mind free advice....and no advice isn't descent advice is it?
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