Im newbie building my first system HELP!!
That's the link to my build. I was wondering if everything was compatible and if it was for a good price. Also if I'm missing anything. I'm also not sure if i should get a fan because i don't plan to overclock for a while. If you have any other suggestions please tell me. Even if everything is fine I would also like to know that. This is for $1600. I see i have over 100 views and no one has helped me yet. If I am doing something wrong please tell me. I am a noob first time ever doing this so please give me some suggestions. Here's my e-mail because it looks like no1 is answering me here


VisionTek Radeon 4870

AMD Phenom 9850 Quad

Vista Ultimate 64-bit

Corsair 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2

Antec 900

700w OCZ GameXStream

Gateway FHD2400

150GB WD Raptor X

Disk Drive:
complete details for disk drive:
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  1. Looks good, but could be better. For starters, look up 790GX & SB750 which is the best Phenom overclocker. Yes, even beats out 790FX. The board you picked out WAS the best. The onboard gpu can be disabled in bios.

    ASUS M3A78-T

    Not familiar with the LCD. Could be good.

    You might wanna throw in an aftermarket cpu coola if you plan to o/c the Phenom which is notorious for being hot.
  2. Hi dsolash,

    I would recommend the Gigabyte DS3/4 series motherboards. My one performs very nicely. Good things have been said about Asus boards. Try to steer clear of boards with onboard graphics if you are buying a graphics card - one less thing to complicate matters when you build.

    Try a Corsair PSU, very reliable and stable systems. You will probably need 600ish watts.

    You may find that the data rates of new hard drives (eg seagate 7200.11) out does that of a WD raptor. Not entirely sure, use the HDD charts on Tom's Hardware to find out. You will probably end up with more capacity and certainly less noise and heat. (Raptors are prone to needing damping due to vibrations).

    There are good options available on Intel CPU's, the general thoughts are that they still out perform AMD based systems. (Hotly debated of course!) Look at a E8400 for gaming or a Q6600 or Q9xxx if you would prefer a quad based system. Pairing that with a P45 motherboard will make a very nice combination.

    Hope this is useful.
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