How many rails should I use

I have a cooler master 650w PSU with 49 amps on the 12 volt rails. My video card requires two seperate molex connectors. Should I connect one rail or connect two seperate rails to the video card? thanks, Grady
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  1. Are you running two video cards?

    if you only run one, your PSU should have two PCI-E connectors.

    if you run two video cards and require more then two PCI-E connecters, you can connect the molex to any of the molex connectors coming from the PSU since your PSU only has one Rail
  2. 1 video card! 2 molex connections on the card (AGP) Should I connect 1 rail, or two
    rails. I have two 12V rails available on my PSU and I connect my HDD and optical drives with SATA.
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