320GB to 127GB with a flick of the switch?

A couple days ago I hooked up a 3rd HDD and formatted it then I unhooked it. When I restarted my computer my Storage Drive (E: Drive) said it was 127GB and it is 320GB. I had about 120GB of information on the drive. Now the drive has a Recycler folder in it and that is all? I am totally dumbfounded. I do not know how to fix this problem.
-I have Service Pack 3
-BIOS says 320GB
-Disk Manager says 320GB
-I just used it a hour before I plugged in the new drive.
I am so lost. I have read the net for 6 hours and I have tried everything. My question is why did it mess up I never unplugged it. I formatted the 3rd HDD from the BIOS. Please help me anything you know I would appreciate.
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  1. Really.....Nobody can answer this for me? I am now thinking something got disabled or it is a registry problem. Only window is saying 127GB everything else says 298GB
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