Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public!

Hi guys

Anyone had this problem with a Maxell 4gb (probably the size is not relivent) retractable flash drive...

I got one for Xmas and it works fine on my work's XP machine, I can see the 'secure' 1mb drive (what are you meeant to do with a 1mn 'disk' by the way?) and can see the 3.6gb (marketed as 4gb) public disk fine.

But when I get home and plug it into my Vista machine, I can only see the pointless secure disk, but not the public (3.6gb) disk

First of all I found it interesting these are DISKS and not FOLDERS, but I can't find anything on the 'net as to why I cannot see the public disk on my Vista machine, I can only think Vista has driver issues with this flash drive.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and more to the point, has anyone else resolved it?

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  1. Snap!

    I've got the same problem, Windows 7 laptop can "see" both partitions but a Vista laptop can only see one.

    The Maxell stick I've got is 2nd hand and the smaller partition has been wiped clean (as is the larger partition). I suspect that there should be an application to grant access to the larger partition but this has been lost.

    Found your post looking for further information.
  2. Usually the smaller partition contains the (Windows-only) software to access the larger partition; the actual protection is often very weak/fake even if it claims to do AES encryption; these products do not provide 'real security'.

    Perhaps you can see the second partition in your partition editor?

    Oh and 4GB = 3.73GiB so that's what you should have expected. Perhaps you're not aware of the difference between GB and GiB.
  3. After posting earlier, I found a FAQ on the Maxell website with a possible solution... check the 9th FAQ here

    Haven't been able to confirm the solution as I don't have access to a Vista machine. And I've deleted / lost the application for syncing... probably install Allways Sync as I've used this before
  4. I found this to fix this problem on my vista machine.

    1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and press Enter, this will open
    the registry editor.

    2. Navigate to the following path:


    Note: If
    the registry key StorageDevicePolicies does not exist, you will need to create it manually.

    3. Double click the key WriteProtect in the right window and set the value to 0 in the Value Data Box and press OK button

    4. Restart your computer and try copying files into your USB drives.

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