Having some trouble building my new PC.

Alright I got an Antec 900 case, kinda feeling like it was a big mistake now because of how troublesome it is to work with- mainly the cords. I'm optimistic however that in the end all this effort will be well worth it.

The problem is this, I have a PQ5 motherboard and am having loads of trouble figuring out where to plug in the Antec 900's wires. In specific the RESET SW, POWER SW, H.D.D. LED, AC'97 and 1394 cables. I have a general idea of where these cables are supposed to go which would be the System panel connector (20-8 pin PANEL) viewable at the bottom left of the motherboard. However I have no idea what direction or what order to plug these cables in. A visual with color coordination would be much appreciated if anyone would be so kind to help me out.

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  1. Your board came with a Q-connector, which you connect your wires to the clearly labed places, and then the Q-connector connects to your motherboard.

    I sugest before you go any further read your mobo manual so you know what you got and how to use it.
  2. Q-connector is nice. Connect the front panel leads to the MB headers (or Q-connector as suggested) before mounting the MB inside the case. Having a magnifying glass around is helpful and as mentioned a detailed diagram of the front panel headers is available in your MB manual.
  3. Look on page 2-36 in your manual.
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