Multiple pendrive

i have in all 6 usb ports in my cabinet but i can't connect more then 1 pendrive at a time. Can anyone help me out of this??
One more thing i have two ports in front but those r not working properly. i want to clear those port or anyhow refresh those coz it only accept my pen drive & if any other usb pen drive or dat cable is attached to it then it display a msg unknown device???

Plz help me out of these two problems i'll be greatffull to u...
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  1. This is true only for pendrives? This "one USB device only" phenomenon doesn't happen with say, external USB hard disks?

    I'm assuming that your inability to access multiple flash drives is inadequate power.
  2. reset windows

    may be you should try some other pc

    and change the port and remove every usb connected devices wen u connect it
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