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BG2 Dual Class question

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June 19, 2001 7:09:31 AM


I've been playing BG2 for sometime now but never do dual class. I accidentally choose Yoshi to be dual class (yes, without knowing any effects from it since I tought he will be more useful as fighter sa well since his AC is so bad as a thief). So I end up with lvl 13 Bounty Hunter and lvl 1 Fighter and I cannot use any theif abilities. What happen? Do I need to wait until Yoshi get lvl 13 for Fighter before he can use the thief abilities again? or they will be gone forever? I really need someone to disarmed traps in dungeoun.

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June 19, 2001 1:11:52 PM

Yoshi eh? :smile: Yes you have to get to a level 13 fighter before your able to use your theif skills again. But I'll give you a small hint, dont worry about messing up with Yosh too much, someone better comes along eventually.

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June 20, 2001 6:40:45 AM

two words. jan jansen. if you can put up with random blundering, then hes the man.

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June 20, 2001 8:00:44 AM

You mean the small guy in the goverment center? I'll try get him again. Last time I get him into my party, he is a bit annoying =) since he have very low HP and I basically in need one 1 more fighter/thief or cleric/thief.

Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol: 
June 21, 2001 3:34:15 AM

sorry, there are no fighter/thief, or cleric/thieves in the game (unless you dual class someone).

theres a fighter/cleric (Anomen Delryn) in the copper coronet. but there are a LOT of mage/thieves (imoen, nalia, and jan) and one mage/cleric (aerie). so those are you only option for things involving fighters, theives or clerics dual classed.

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June 21, 2001 5:06:46 PM

I currently have Aerie in my party but she is very weak so I will replace her with Imoen when I get her. I keep avoiding pay the guy 20000 golds ^-^ And I will finally replace Yoshi with Anomen even I son't really feel like to have 3 paladin in my party but cleric is invaluable in this game.

BTW, I lost Jav last night without any notice at all. Will she come back. I rest and on the morning found a note she left say that she feel guilty or something and will go to the Harper Hold. Will she come back? Or can I follow her to the Harper Hold and get her back?

Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol: 
June 21, 2001 5:41:04 PM

I think you go to harper hold, and the rest of the story moves on from there. It's been a while since I've messed around with BG2. But it's on my 'to-do' list. 'Stop cheating like H*LL on BG2' is on the list too, but I keep gaffing it off....
June 21, 2001 8:53:59 PM

Yeah, that Shadowkeeper program is too much. I had to delete it to refrain from cheating my way through every situation.

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June 23, 2001 9:42:48 AM

I stay away from all cheating tools completely (except the CULA thing which I used it to look at stats of each class/dual class at high lvl). About Jav, I went to the Harper hold and found her but decide not to keep her (I just reload the quick save before I go upstair to talk to her). I don't really like Jav since she talk to much sometime and her attitude is a bad ^-^ no offense. I also don't really like Aerie but because of her weak HP. Imoen is the must for me now (since I will dash off Yoshimo ASAP since he sound pretty bad when I do the quest for Aran, the shadowmaster). I feel like his presence in the Irenicus's dungeoun is quite suspicious now ^-^ Well I don't know what will happen but I try to think as most logical as possible when playing RPG so he will be out ASAP.

BTW, I found one strange situation. There is a stone Golem (I think) in the room where you stake the Vampire in the Bohdi's dungeoun. This particular Golem is VERY tough. All of chars in my party equipped with more than +3 weapon (all of them)and I still cannot hit him. Well, to be more precise, it seem like only Minsc can hit him but at 1 point/hit ^-^ I never have any problem with Golems before. I even can solo with 3 Golems(1 Adamantine + 2 stone Golems) in the Domain of Dragon with my main char (Paladin with Carsomyr + all defensive spell on) and killed them all. This particular Golem is REALLY strong. I can kill him only when I use War Hammer +4 against Giant Kin and it still tough. Any idea? or is it possible it may be a bug? I never fought any Golems after install ToB and this guy is the first one and he is getting into my nerve when I see my char begin to die when I first fight him.

Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol: 
June 23, 2001 7:14:04 PM

thats odd, i didnt have that problem with the golem. i recommend getting the Crom Faeyr: it kills stone and clay golems in one hit. hehe, its nice.

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June 25, 2001 6:37:52 PM

I'm looking for its parts ^-^ Still have to visit the Planar sphere after get out of the Underdark. About the Golem, i think it's my fault since I forgot that only Blunt weapon can hit Clay Golem (I think that I used to kill Clay Golem with Carsomyr in SoA before I install ToB but it's entirely possible that I might misremember. They may be stone Golems).

Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol: