Old (uninstalled) system is recognized and dual booted

Hello there. I, like many others, downloaded and installed the Windows 7 RC earlier today. The good word for the OS made me do a good clean install of it to make it my primary OS over my old XP. Everything went fine and I have it installed on my C drive sweet and clear. However, one issue arose.

There is my issue. I haven't had my old XP on Primary Partition, like I don't have the Win7 now either, but apparently something tells the computer that there IS a System on the Primary partition of the hard drive. Now I searched the Partition and there was Boot.BAK file, which I googled and found out to be XP boot file, so I deleted it with a smile, certain this'd make the issue of a dual-boot option appearing disappear, but it didn't.

Now then I find myself clueless about the situation. How could I let my computer know that there IS NOT a System on the Primary partition? Only Windows 7 on the Logical drive C. Granted, even if it thinks there is a System there the issues it makes don't seem too big (pressing Enter while booting), but it's still a nuisance.

All replies will have my appreciation, thanks

(Sorry, I realize this might be the wrong section but I couldn't figure out where to stuff it into)
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  1. You have to edit your boot files... I believe bcedit or some similar program will allow you to remove the dead wood from your boot file.
  2. Just delete and re-create the partition(s), then format the drive as part of the Windows install. That will remove the old XP install.
  3. Thank you Zoron. Your reply was spot on and helpful, I have now managed to edit the BCD registry and removed the "dead wood" from it. Now the problem has ceased to exist.

    Thanks for your reply chunkymonster, but I managed to get rid of it with the method Zoron instructed and I believe I would of have saved a good deal of hassle instead of going the long way.

    It does still show I have 'System' on the other partition, but I guess it's only to be expected because it's the primary partition of the hard drive the OS is installed on.

    Thanks : -)
  4. That is an option as well... unless you want to keep the partitions as is, that is.
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