cannot update BIOS. it tells me too many BIN's in directory wtf

Ok.. I've been trying to fix my "only 1 stick of ram" problem with my motherboard,

I had it at BIOS version 1602.

I tried everything I could think of to fix my problem, and nothing. So I decided to try down grading my BIOS and see if maybe the BIOS version U updated to (1602 is brand new) was buggy.

So I flashed it and put 1301 on.

Now every time I try to flash the BIOS I cannot.

If I go in from BIOS and use the EZ UPDATE FLASH it says "may be too many bin files in directory" - "exiting"

thats with NO usb flash drives in, or CD's in the cd drive or disks in the disk drive!

and if I try changing BIOS version from the windows ASUS updater it tells me the model of the bios is different and there for cannot update... the model of mine is M3N-HT D and the model number of all the other BIOS versions I got are M3N-HT DELUXE!

They are they say, just one says D and other says DELUXE, but it wont let me do it!

Please, wtf do I do?
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  1. For whatever it's worth I have the same problem. Could the BIOS possibly store files from the previous event? If so how in the world would you ever delete those files? You're post is almost a year old, don't think many persons can answer this question. Striker Extreme bios 1703.
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