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I've got a Presario sr1000t. Is there a way to do a clean install without the loads of extra stuff they put on there - like the Norton trial?
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  1. Sadly it probably isn't possible because their disc or Recovery partition will be the same as the original installation. There isn't anything you can't get rid of though or at least prevent form running and lareg amounts of rubbish can be removed.
  2. Get your own XP disk, download the drivers needed for the system, install that way. You can also just uninstall the extras after you re-image. Most of the fluff is pretty easy to see what it is if you look in Add/Remove programs. You can also check on the vendor support site, there is probably questions about that in their knowledge base.
  3. Yeah... I managed to do an actual fresh install, but not a clean one. It still had some of that extra vendor stuff. Trouble was, I ended up having to reformat the whole drive. I used some recovery discs I got from Compaq and it only gave me the two options: recover or reformat...

    XP runs a whole lot better now.
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