Help with memory and dual channel [GA-965P-DS3]

Hello guys, my motherboard is Gigabyte 965P-DS3 which can run memory sticks in dual channel. I currently have one 1GB stick and I want to upgrade.

I actually want to buy 2 more of the same memory modules, ending up with 3GB of memory. But, would my memories run in dual channel? If not, would this cost me a decrease in performance? Should I go with 2x1GB or 3x1GB? Which one would be faster? Thanks.
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  1. you would probably be better off just getting a 2x2 gig ram combo
    25$ after mail in rebate

    If you have a 32 bit OS then it wont be able to use all 4 gigs, but it will be able to use most of it and with how cheap it is, there is no reason not to go with 4 gigs
  2. Thanks kyeana, I'd love to get that killer combo but unfortunately I'm not in the U.S. currently. And here, the prices aren't that low. :( What I'm wondering is, will 3x1GB sticks run okay with my mobo? Will I have problems?
  3. If you get the same identical sticks, yes it will run fine. However, you will not be running in dual channel mode with 3 sticks. They must be installed in pairs to run dual channel, either 2 or 4 sticks. What OS are you running?
    If XP, I would just buy 1 stick for a total of 2 gig.
    If you are running Vista, I would get 2 more sticks for 3 gig, if you cannot afford to buy 3 more for a total of 4 gig. (the best scenerio)
    Even though it won't be runnning in dual channel if you don't install the memory in pairs, the extra memory will make a difference in Vista.
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