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hi i am trying to install a memory upgrade to my inspiron 1200, i looked at the manual online and its pretty cut and dry, and easy.. until i opened the cover where the memory is. yes there is 2 latches to pinch apart but also an aluminum cover that is covering (partialy to half way) the mem modual. i do not know how to remove this, in order for the old modual to pop like the manual says. can someone give me some help on this please.
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  1. I have an answer for you because I just figured out the same problem for myself. The memory module that is under that aluminum cover isn't made to come out for a simple upgrade. There is another slot ON TOP of the default memory module, just slide the new one in and that's it! You don't have to remove anything more than the primary cover that exposes the aluminum cover. Just remember to slide the memory module into the slot at a 45 degree angle.
  2. I added 1GB to my Inspiron 1200 but the bios is showing 256MB. I believe that the computer is not reading the new memory because it still boots up slowly. I cannot figure out what to do next. Any ideas?
  3. Check 'properties' under 'my computer' and see if it shows up. If not, remove the cover where the memory slot is and make sure that memory module is inserted all the way. I thought mine was all the way in when I double-checked it an saw that wasn't.
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