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So out of nowhere my seagate stopped working and started to make a Click.. click sound( sounds like something is trying to do is trying to latch on to something, and it just cant ). wWindows doesnt even know its there, but from time to time it will work for like a minute and then stop. So please can some one help !

Now i know you cant really help me but what i want to know is will opening it help in any way even thought it will be out of warranty then and i wont get the new one!
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  1. when the "click" sound appears then it probably mean your hard drive is dying...
  2. yeah well i opened it just now and i can see the little reader like all F'ed up if you want i can post a video of the hard dive open ..
  3. just bring it to the service center quickly, let them change that reader for u, we don't know whether there's any other components are broke or not...
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