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I have read concerns that with a NAS system, if the power supply goes or other internals crash, you may lose the data on the drives. Is this the same in a DAS system? I am really looking for an external raid box such as ARAID 2200, fantom datadock II, Sans Digital TR2UT-B etc..... Logically I figure i would just pull the hard drives out and data will be there if the "box" fails.

I understand RAID 1 is not by itself a safe backup utility, however I believe this will keep me relatively secure with CDP. I plan to use the 1st raid drive as the source, it will be mirrored on drive 2 constantly, then I can backup that source drive nightly on my C drive and even periodically offsite externally?

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  1. anyone know what happens when external raid boxes fail? They all have real short warranties??
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