Abit IP35 and 4 sticks of RAM - Unstable - Help!

Hi, my brother has an Abit IP35 'Dark Raider' board (just the IP35, not Pro or IP35-E).
I got him another 2Gb of RAM (Corsair Dominator 8500) and he cannot run all 4 strips. He has an E6750 @ 3.4Ghz 1.35v vcore. I've put RAM voltage up to 2.2v, (EPP spec is 2.1v) he's running the EPP 5-5-5-15 timings at 1020Mhz so that's within spec, and we've upped the N/B from 1.25v up to 1.5v testing each step without being able to stabilise it. He is running the latest BIOS, and he does have a little 40mm fan on the N/B which I installed as a precaution when he got it anyway.
BIOS goes up to 2.05v on the N/B so is it worth persevering and continuing to up this voltage? I have never put N/B higher than 1.55v on any board I've owned and he is a little reluctant to push it further. I have laso read of people with the Pro board stabilising 4 strips with just 1.29v, although that was DDR2-800 & I'm not sure at what FSB this was - my brother is running 425mhz and wants to push this higher.
Anyone have any little gems of wisdom on this?
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  1. Update: We set all the timings to auto and were able to get it to run for about 20mins stable with 1.6v N/B but then it crashed.
    So we dropped the divider down to 1:1 so the RAM was running at 850Mhz, 2.1v Vram, 1.33v N/B and it booted and ran fine, then we tighened up the timings to 4-4-4-12 and it is happy.
    Seem you cannot run 4 sticks in this board much above 800Mhz without loose timings and insane N/B volts. Since 850 @ 4-4-4-12 is probably faster than 1060 @ non-EPP timings thats where we left it!
  2. maybe change the ram cycle from 1T to 2T and try that. i would also reccomend only putting the mem voltage to a max of 2.1v

    on my current pc using a p5n-e sli and 4x1gb corsair xms2 @ 800mhz i need to run it at 5,5,5,18,2T for stability - also if the ram stock speed is 800mhz i would just leave it at that.

    hope that might help
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