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I have a Sony DVD RW AD-7240S S-ATA drive purchased only some 3 months back. Initially everything went fine with the drive. Of late, whenever I insert a DVD into the drive, the green light comes up and goes off after a few seconds. The drive fails to read the DVD. The eject button stops working and My Computer shows the drive only as a CD-ROM drive. System does not shut down with the Windows Xp shut down menu, rather it hangs if shut down is clicked. The drive ejects only after the system is completely shut down with the power off button and only if the eject button is pressed just when the system is booting. Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    Does this only happen with recordable DVD or with commercial (movie) or data DVDs ? Does it happen only with DVD or also with CDs ?

    If it doesn't work with any of the above media the drive should probably go back to the retailer.
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