Hard Drive I have never seen before - Possible to connect to PC?

Hi all,

Wired one this but i'm hoping it just down to my lack of understanding.

Whilst taking apart a hand held device today to see if it would be possible to reuse the internal hard drive i came across a type of drive i have never seen before.

The HD is a 4GB Hitachi Micro Drive HMs360404D5CF00.
Full specs here: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?InvtId=HMS360404D5CF00

I have never seen a drive like this before and was wondering if there was a cable/converter to USB.

The connection on the hard drive is two rows of 25 pins.

Seems a shame to waste what is a working 4gb hard drive.

Many thanks in advance,


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  1. What you have there is a a hard drive version of a Compact Flash card. CF is usually solid state and was used in cameras. But the interface pins are compatible with the little drive you have which is as per the drive used in the iPod Mini.

    You can use it via any USB camera card adapter that has a slot for CF.
  2. Spot on, the exact responce i was after!

    Thanks again.
  3. Sorry to bring this up again. Can anyone help me find the specific product i need.

    I brought this item from ebay to test before spending decent money on purchasing a good card reader and ran into a brick wall.


    The product states it has support for CF1 and CF2 yet this product has no support as far as i can see.

    Is the product misleading or am i missing something?

    Thanks again,

  4. I've just checked my IBM Microdrive (probably made by Hitachi) in both the card readers I own. In each the drive could be heard starting up, appeared in My Computer and could be read.

    I noticed that the drive had to be put in label downwards in one adapter but not the other.

    Of course, these drives are quite fragile and if you recovered it from another device did you know whether it was working ?

    If the card reader really is the issue, there were PCMCIA (aka PC Card) adapters available from IBM.
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