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How good is any recent NV card, 8xxx, 9xxx ect for DVD playback if you don't buy the purevideo player? The last nvidia card I had was a 6 series so I don't have any experience with the recent quality.

How much of a difference does purevideo make over the default playback?


When compared with the ATI equalivant all things equal?
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  1. I don't know how NV's playback is, but I know ATI's is incredible. Even their HD 3450 can fully decode blu-ray.
  2. I had the 8800GTX before and have the 4870 now, I cant tell any difference in image quality just in default colour profiles, Which I alter to my own taste anyway...

    Im viewing my movies over a projector with a big screen - 8 feet wide... I generally sit about 5-6 feet away from the screen. I really couldnt tell one from the other...
  3. Wow, I never would have guessed. If that's true what is the enticement to buy purevideo? :heink:
  4. sdf said:
    Wow, I never would have guessed. If that's true what is the enticement to buy purevideo? :heink:

    as far as I am aware the "purevideo" you can buy is just a plug in for media player. Most decent players will use purevide or avivo depending on what brand of card you use.
  5. The difference with avivo and purevideo is that the card decodes the playback and takes pressure off the CPU. Nvidia doesn't gear it's cards for cinemaphiles, and thus charges for purevideo. ATI's made a rep with All in Wonder cards and TV Wonder cards, so they support video playback by including avivo with every card.

    Here's a thread at avsforum that discusses issues with purevideo in XP:


    Last April, Driver Heaven compared ATI vs. Nvidia and preferred ATI image quality but mentioned that Nvidia's playback works with Aero enabled under Vista, whereas ATI disables Aero during playback:


    I'm not sure if that's been corrected yet, I don't do picture in picture when watching video and I won't have a 24" LCD and Blu Ray drive until next spring, so I watch mostly DVD's and anime fansubs.
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