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I am looking at a HD 4870 - Seems I can't go wrong with that. Here's my question tho': Any advantages between 1 maker and another. generaly have some pretty good prices up here (Canada). Just there I can get the card from Visiontek, Diamond, Saphire, HIS or Palit - Is there any noteworthy difference? Who's topdog & why? Any personnal experience with these companies?

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  1. Usually doesn't matter, most important things to consider are whether they have an aftermarket cooler (HIS usually does) and their warranty.
  2. If it's based of a reference model then it's pretty much all the same. Some companies like HIS and ASUS will provide different cooling and higher clocks. Some vendors provide good bundles while others will provide you with just the basics. ASUS usually has nice bundles with their boards and even provide some nifty tools, even if their usefulness is debatable. Ah I remember that one time they had that driver that let gamers see through walls to increase speed ^_^. Great idea till you go online and someone gets mad when you get a head shot off of them as they run by a door or something

  3. Dont know if it scountry specific like XFX but Visiontek have a lifetime warranty , my last 3 cards have been HIS IceQ cards and i have had no issues. Those would be the two i would pick from.

  4. Yes I did see the IceQ on there - That fancy fan as good as they claim?
  5. Zerozen Ones said:
    Yes I did see the IceQ on there - That fancy fan as good as they claim?

    As far as i am concerned they are, My last HIS card was a X1650XT ICEQ Turbo and it ran very quiet and was noticably cooler than the previous card that didnt have the double slot cooler. Dont know if you are aware but these type of coolers exhaust the hot air out the back of the case through where the blanking plate was next to the card (Make sure you remove it) I have heard of people who didnt realise and wondered why the rig was hot :)

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