Intel Plans to Ship Nehalem Chips (Core i7) Nov. 17

Intel has scheduled the launch of its first Nehalem chip for Nov. 17, which also will be the day several PC makers begin shipping desktops running the new processor.

Steve Smith, vice president and director of operations for Intel's digital enterprise group, told Computerworld earlier this week that the first Nehalem chip, officially named Core i7, will be a quad-core designed for high-end desktops used by power users and gamers. Intel has been shipping previews of the chips to hardware vendors since September....

Intel Plans to Ship Nehalem Chips This Month

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  1. Why is this thread locked in the first place?
  2. It was unlocked, then locked and now unlocked.

    Someones been drinking a little bit of the happy juice!!!!

    j/k :kaola:
  3. from i can see right now for gaming an overclocked E8600 or Q9650 will match the best i7

    wait for gen 2 unless your doing heavy thread intensive works such as video endcoding, 3d gerneration or high end photoshop

    it looks like these cpu's may not go over 4Ghz all the reports of the 40% gaming increase are select titles and stock speeds.
    the native core looks like it runs hot like amd's - it is the memory controller???
  4. ^Yes the increased heat is due to the IMC. And that means the northbridge chipset will run cooler but also play less of a role in OCing.

    Sure if you take a stock Core i7 vs a OCed C2D/C2Q it will keep up even beat it. But with multi GPU setups and a OCed Core i7, a C2Q/C2D will not keep up by any means. Almost every tiitle saw very good performabce increases and I am sure that any titles that take advantage of quads will do better such as VALVes L4D.
  5. I'm sorry, but my E8600 @ 4.8 Ghz (with a watercooling experiment, and no it did not hit 60c!) will not bottleneck any card setup more than an i7 @ the 4.0 Ghz that MIGHT be possible with watercooling. I7 is a waste of money to gamers at the moment thanks to the overpriced and underwhelming motherboards and the terrible DDR3 triple channel kits. Once we see some decent DDR3 triple channel kits, and I'm not talking about the price, and a decent X58 for less than $250 it will be an option. I feel bad for those who will be the testers for I7, terrible RAM, overpriced motherboards, while being faced with a lack of decent cooling solutions. I'll wait until January before I consider i7. The CPU looks good, but that's about it and the CPU is not the only component in a computer.
  6. ^Sorry but you are wrong. 4GHz is possible on air. Plenty have shwon that. Hell THG got 3.8GHz stable on air with decent temps on the Core i7 920. Thats not enough to show it can OC decently since its using the same exact 45nm process as your E8600?
  7. Totally different architecture and stepping... sorry I meant air cooling. From what I see the closer we get to launch the less overclockable i7 becomes. Hey, if it can then I am all for it, but I am just not getting my hopes up. I am only referring to the 920 also, I could care less about the overpriced versions of CPUs, not worth it in any way.

    Edit: Thanks Jake for the heads up.
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